Chuck started out in 1980 with his first GTO purchase at age 16. He enlisted the help of a friend to take off the horsepower robbing air conditioning. This was the start of a love affair working on GTO's that has never let up. A few years later Chuck met Nick Vishio of Plymouth Valley, PA. and started a GTO used parts business. Known as Chuck and Nick's PA Pontiac Parts, after a couple years Chuck's parents and the local police decided it was time Chuck moved the 19 unregistered, uninspected GTO's in various stages off the front lawn and to a different neighborhood. Chuck was forced to scrap, liquidate or otherwise remove said GTO's. Ending up renting a one bay garage behind the NAPA in Telford, PA. next to B&G auto body, Chuck's destiny was decided. Hiring on a body man and painter Chuck's Automotive was formed. 35 GTO parts cars and 4 restoration projects later, the NAPA decided this time around that it was time for Chuck to move those unregistered, uninspected GTO's in various stages from the back parking lot of the store to a different location. This time Chuck found a more permanent home licensed to store such vehicles in Finland, PA. A three bay garage with equal size storage above and a 4 acre salvage yard, this place was heaven. With this new shop came a lot of overhead and things started to change. This was a time when people like people like Steve Ames and Reddin's relics had 10x10 booths at Carlisle with a tarp and a few wood wheels and tri-power set ups for sale. The parts business was good and always has been. However at the this time in the mid 80's GTO's and Firebirds weren't worth near w hat they are today. Chuck bid the job instead of by the hour and lost money on just about every job from that point on. He covered the losses with the parts sales. Then he met Chris Casperson from Performance Years in 1984 and starting buying parts cars with him. Later on Chuck restored Chris's White 1968 GTO Conv. that he dubbed Lazarus. You may have seen it on his PY parts catalogs over the years. He also met Paul Spotts, now of Spotts Performance in Hatfield, PA. Paul later became Chris Casperson's partner at PY. Chris had this crazy idea to start making reproduction parts and quit his job at NCR. Not really wanting any part of it Chuck decided around that time to call it quits, moved to NH and used his restoration skills to remanufacture electronic equipment for the Printed circuit board assembly industry. Who knew at that time in 1986 that the repro parts business would grow to what it is today. However for the past 20 years Chuck built a very successful business in the electronics industry ( But the time has come to spend some time doing something that he really loves. That brings us back to American Classic Auto Restorations, a newly formed part time company by Chuck and his wife of 19 years, Tina. Chuck manages the restoration side of the business while Tina handles purchasing and the office management.

The Facility

   Americans Classic Auto Restorations operates out of a eight bay garage with upstairs storage for used and repro parts. The shop is divided into four areas. The main shop is for disassembly and disposition of the restoration project. The second part of the shop is where the body repairs are completed. Then it’s off to the paint booth for refinishing followed by wet sanding and buffing. The last stop is back to where things started, the main shop where the car is put back together, aligned, calibrated, and otherwise put back to the way it was from the original factory. The shop is just 10 minutes from the Manchester, NH airport.

   Chuck is proud of his attention to detail and the quality of the work is directly a result of that passion that goes into every restoration as if it was his own.


    Below was my first restoration. This is a 1967 GTO automatic. This car was from Tamaqua, PA. This picture was taken at my parents' home in Lederach, PA back in the fall of 1983.  

Chuck's Automotive in Telford, PA. This was my first shop, behind the NAPA store in Reliance Road. This car is a 1971 LeMans Sport (loaded) and was sold for $2,500.00.

This was my first "owned" restoration project. This was in September 1984.

    This is a 1971 GTO 4-speed. The picture was taken at Nick Vishio's home in Plymouth Valley, PA in 1983 or 1984. This car had engine work done to it, and then was sold to Billy Wolf of Lederach, PA.   1969 GTO in the summer of 1983. The car was purchased in Norristown, PA.  

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