One of the most important and often overlooked aspects of a restoration is the engine compartment. I am kind of a detail nut and it drives me crazy when brackets are painted or coated with the wrong type of finish. While getting things exactly like the factory is not an exact science, I try to do the research for each car and make the finish as close as possible to the way it should be. Whether it is as simple as 60% gloss black on a power steering bracket or as difficult as a gold iridite finish on a spring in the hood latch, I take the time to get it done right. On the other hand if you are just looking for a nice clean finish and not worried about the concourse look, an engine compartment can be done in less than half the time and cost. Below are some photo's of a '65 389 Tripower engine and a '69 WS 400 engine that are currently being refinished.

This engine is from a 65 GTO. The car is undergoing a freshen up from a restoration that was done 5 years ago by another shop. For one reason or another all the gaskets on this motor were leaking except for the oil pan and timing cover.. So we tore the motor down and replaced the leaky gaskets. We had to heli-coil the fuel pump mounting holes. This was overlooked by whoever rebuilt the motor. We used a high quality stainless steel head gasket set.

Here it is under paint after an extensive cleaning. We'll media blast all the brackets and apply 60% gloss black or whatever proper coating is required.

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