Eddie's 1968 Firebird (1986 Restoration)
Below are photos of Eddie's original 1968 Firebird 400 convertible.

Here we have the last car that I restored before closing up my shop in 1986. It’s an original 68 Firebird 400 Convertible. Owned by Ed Cubernot of Northeast Philadelphia. This was a three year project, frame off restoration. The main reason it took so long was I quoted him $ 2,500.00 and I couldn’t afford to do the job all at once. So I picked away at it for three years. Ed was gracious enough to pay me $ 3,000.00 when the job was completed. He was very patient and never once got angry at the timeframe. Luckily he had a lot of other cars that he used to street race with that kept him occupied. This car was my “piece de resistance”. Ed won first place at the World of Wheels show at the Philadelphia Civic Center in 1987. I’ve attached a few photo’s of the car after it was finished. Unfortunately I didn’t take too many photographs back then. If anyone knows where this car is, please let me know. I’d like to buy it back.